Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How to SELL on Craig's List

Here's a pretty detailed outline for selling on Craig's list. I know you have SOMETHING you could sell!! I will also add, if you would like to sell something, but aren't interested or don't have the time to commit to selling something, I can sell it for you for a percentage of what you make! Just email me a picture of what you want to sell and I will follow up with you for the details.

How to SELL on Craig’s List

Things you have lying around can be easily sold for money! Craig’s List is FREE website that allows you to sell whatever you want! You don’t have to create an account or even give your name or phone number. You just need an email account, and possibly a way to put pictures online- either a scanner or a digital camera.
Craig’s List is free- no fees or commission required! Here is how to get started:

- Get whatever it is you want to sell. A couch, dresser, kitchen appliances, collectibles, clothes, jewelry, or anything else you are wanting to sell

- Go to and find your state and city

- Go to the link on the left side of the page “post to classifieds

- Figure out what category your item belongs in. A great way to check is to look up a similar item before posting your own to see where they advertised it. For example, a collection of children’s videos could go under ‘CDs and Videos’ or under ‘Baby and Kids’

- Fill out the posting:
Enter the title- do not use all caps as this comes off as yelling in internet language. Something that grabs attention but doesn’t scream, like “Comfortable Couch” or “Amazing Dining Set”.

Then enter your city, if desired, but NOT your address.

Deciding on a Price:
First, look up similar items and see what they are asking for. If you have a coffee table, look up other coffee tables and look for some that have the same features as yours.

In my experience, it is better to list a price than to ask for offers. You can list an item for a little higher than what you would really want for it if you are willing to wait a little longer for it to sell. The buyer might ask to negotiate the price, so be prepared to go lower if that’s what it takes to make a sale!

Describe your item.
Remember, you are trying to sell it so make it appeal to buyers! Write something about the item to tell what it is, and also help the buyer see what they would want it! Maybe give suggestions- like, “Great wedding present!” or “kid-friendly!”. They were interested enough to click on your ad- now you have to make them see why they want it! Also, make sure to include “comes from a smoke-free, kid-free and/or pet-free home” (whichever applies). This is a helpful selling point for buyers, but if you have any of those, don’t include it in the offer unless it applies. Remember to include CASH ONLY. Do not deal with checks, you never know if they will go through! Confirm with the buyer before meeting that they will bring cash

Add images!
If people know what something looks like AND they have a great description, they are more inclined to buy! Would you buy a kitchen table based on two lines of description or pictures of it? The description is still needed because it will answer some questions for the buyer, but the pictures are what sells your item! When taking pictures of your item, make sure the lighting is good so it is easy to see your item- and make sure it is presentable! Buyers are more likely to buy something that has the dust wiped off of it and items around it are removed.

Give craig’s list your email.
This will be your email that you do your business with- and you can choose to make it anonymous. That way, interested buyers can email you with questions and offers and not know who they are talking to, initially.

Click that you don’t want people to contact you for anything else- and load your ad! You will have a chance to look over your ad once more, and confirm it. You will also need to click ‘I Agree’ to the terms and conditions.

- Now you will wait for emails or phone calls for your item! Make sure to answer any questions the buyer might have. Decide on a place to meet- often a parking lot, gas station, or front of a store are good places to meet if you don’t want them to come to your home. You can give your home as the meeting place- I do it all the time so I don’t have to leave, but this is after I have emailed and talked to the person and feel comfortable with the deal. You can also offer to deliver your item to their house for an extra fee. (Usually $5-10 or $20 for a piece of furniture within 20 miles, but whatever you decide on).

- Some other tips: Be firm on the price if that is the lowest you will go, but if you are wanting to get rid of the item- include ‘Or Best Offer (OBO) in the description. That way someone can email you and ask for little less selling price and you can sell faster. Have someone go with you to the meeting place if possible. If you meet somewhere public, you probably don’t have to worry about bringing someone- just meet in the day when people will be around. Better safe than sorry!


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